The Campus

Putting Manor Royal and Crawley on the world map

Looking around the world we instructed a renowned architectural firm RH Partnership to:

Design an international campus that meets our operational needs and is sensitive to its surroundings while remaining sustainable and efficient.

Design a landmark at the entrance to one of Europe’s largest business estates, the Manor Royal Business District in Crawley.

Create a dynamic, world class workplace environment reflecting the innovative culture of Elekta, celebrating the innovative history of Crawley whilst bringing a fresh new contemporary building to the area.

Create a design that is striking and modern, low scale in terms of height, visually appealing and accessible at street level and which positively contributes to the roadscape and the neighbouring businesses surrounding it.

The surrounding roadscape on Fleming Way and London Road within the Manor Royal Business District is a varied mix of building heights, functions and architecture. Early plans are to create an angled pleasant complex of contemporary buildings surrounded by a natural avenue of trees, indented front, central atrium and wings that form the London Road elevation.


Working with local stakeholders

In our planning consultation and subsequent development we continue to meet with a number of local stakeholders, council officers, and councillors to discuss the architectural approach and initial plans. We are still liaising to ensure our proposed design has the pleasing favourable impact on the local landscape.

What will the building look like?

Fleming Way-London Road

The design of the building is formed around a central naturally lit ground floor atrium. It has open plan offices and a customer and demonstration area, an ideal environment where Elekta can host up to 60 plus visits per annum. An ideal venue to welcome international clinicians, cancer patient groups, students and government representatives as well as the local schools, university and local business groups.

Cornerstone is formed with three styled angles and is spread over four storeys with extensive landscaping to deliver an iconic development that will act as a gateway. To accomodate the large project teams involved in modern technological and customer innovation we needed to develop an international campus.

The entrance is located on the A23 London road with access to the campus site.

It will have dedicated parking space for cars and bicycles.

The campus is set back from the edge of the area with a extensive trees and lawn landscaping around the buildings.

On the ground floor will be a reception area, cafe and flexible work and meeting areas.

From the other floors, as typical open plan offices, there will be views overlooking the whole campus landscape and Elekta’s Fleming Way site.


Our requirements in the future

The Elekta site has a history stretching back over 70 years in developing world leading cancer treatment machines and exporting them around the world. To innovate and develop equipment that will improve millions of lives we need space and modern facilities.

With over 350 of our 900 Crawley staff solely dedicated to innovation, we work with many academic institutions and hospitals, not only in the NHS, but from around the world. In fact, we welcome over 60 delegations a year to Crawley, from countries including China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Chile.

We needed to develop an international innovation campus. Our focus was to work with the best clinicians and experts to develop new ideas, technology and hope in the global fight against cancer. And so our search began around the world for Elekta’s future oncology home.

The Building

Building a landmark for Crawley – Manor Royal, Fleming Way

Working with a selection of leading architects, design and environmental experts, Elekta are looking to create a contemporary, sustainable and functional centre of excellence.

We need to develop state-of-the-art campus that will give our staff the facilities to develop the next generation of cancer treatment machines and also attract and progress high calibre individuals by providing a modern, comfortable, efficient and inspiring working environment.

The design will incorporate the latest in architectural and environmental design including:

Large modern flexible floor spaces to allow large multi-national project teams to be accommodated on single floors.
Cutting edge design for research and demonstration making the most of light, space, taking the opportunity to whenever appropriate environmentally friendly sustainable materials in its construction.
Modern communal facilities, where we can host Elekta, local business and international medical business events.

Although there is a clear precedent for landmark buildings in the Manor Royal Business District area, we do not believe this site will not dominate other landmark buildings. However, we recognise that the site development has a significant part to play in becoming a prominent indication of investor confidence in the Crawley Borough business Manor Royal Gateway, given its relationship with Fleming Way and London Road.

Sustainability is of prime importance to us, which is why we aim to create a building complex that achieves the internationally recognized BREEAM “Very Good” rating which globally is recognised as the benchmark of environmental sustainability for buildings.

What do our proposals include?

A modern centre of excellence campus with atrium, communal areas, demonstration area, display and lecture facilities.
Employee car parking with electrical vehicle charging and cycle parking.
Reception area and drop off point and disability access.
Extensive landscaping to full site.
Energy saving features to achieve a BREEAM “Very Good” rating.
Sustainability built into the construction.

The website explains our initial design concepts for the site and we would very much welcome your feedback.


● October 2014: Public consultation and feedback
● November 2014: Submission of planning application
● November 2014 – Summer 2015: Development Phase begins once planning granted
● June 2015 – 2017: Cornerstone campus begins to take shape
● December 2017: Opening