Elekta Confirms Cornerstone Consultation Event Success

Crawley-based Elekta Ltd., the world-leading manufacturer of treatment solutions for cancer and brain disorders, has thanked more than 100 local people who attended a free consultation event in Crawley.

Elekta revealed their plans for their new multi-million Cornerstone Centre of Excellence at the consultation event at the Crawley Civic Hall on Friday October 10th, whilst visitors rubbed shoulders with GP and Breakfast TV Health Editor Dr. Hilary Jones.

It was the first time the plans for this world class campus facility to promote excellence in radiotherapy and healthcare engineering had been shared with the public.

Dr. Hilary attended the business networking lunch on the day, along with invited local business guests. He also took part in a question and answer session whilst local business leaders Jeremy Taylor of Gatwick Diamond Business and Steve Sawyer of the Manor Royal Business District made short presentations about ‘Crawley and Our Future Together’.

Elekta themselves shared their own future plans for the Cornerstone Centre of Excellence – scheduled to open in Crawley in 2017.

For Elekta Oncology, executive vice president, Bill Yaeger said,

“We are delighted that so many local residents and business people took time to find out more about our exciting plans for Cornerstone. Some people said they were surprised that a world class facility like this was being planned for Crawley. Here at Elekta we believe Crawley deserves Cornerstone and the economic benefits it will bring the region.

“We wanted to share our vision and answer any questions people had. The result was a vibrant and supportive event.”

Dr. Hilary Jones said,

“Thank you to Elekta for the kind invitation to be part of the launch of this exciting new project. Like many, I had little appreciation of just what an incredible contribution Crawley has made in the global fight against cancer. As a GP I have a professional interest in the latest innovations as we continue to treat patients with this devastating disease. It’s exciting to think that, thanks to Cornerstone, Crawley will be at the forefront of the global future of cancer treatment for many years to come.”

The new Cornerstone facility will be built adjacent to the Elekta’s existing site on Manor Royal where the first commercially-produced linear accelerator (LINAC) was invented and made, The Centre of Excellence will be an international hub celebrating radiotherapy excellence; inspiring healthcare engineering ingenuity and maintaining the momentum of British innovation.

In particular, The Centre of Excellence will be a local, regional and global community resource; hosting events and workshops for students and experts alike.